Syrian Helicopter Strikes Caught on Tape

April 11, 2012

Perhaps for the first time since the beginning of the uprising, online activists in Syria have captured a video of a helicopter conducting air strikes on civilian areas in the city of Izaz in the Aleppo Governorate.

Supported by Russia and Iran, the Assad regime continues to hold power in Syria, while Western forces have declined to support Syrian protesters militarily.

The regime’s continued shelling throughout Syria, despite the April 10 cease-fire date, has left thousands of civilians dead and injured. In the most recent estimates, Syrian local groups cited the death toll to be over 12,000 since the uprising began on March 17, 2011. The UN has offered a more conservative estimate at 9,000+.

Some Syrian activists armed with cameras, are angered by the lack of Western support for the Syrian opposition. A Syrian lawyer who talked to said on condition of anonymity: “America is doing nothing for the sake of the Syrian people. We hear the rhetoric but see no action. America has abandoned her friends even while the Syrian regime is conducting air strikes against the protesters."