Protesters Killed in Cairo

May 3, 2012

Abbasiya, Cairo - Islamic protesters gathered in front of the Ministry of Defense for four days to show support for former Salafist presidential candidate, Hazem Abu Ismail, who was denied his candidacy because his mother is an American citizen.  On Saturday, April 28, the protestors were assaulted by an unidentified group who some believe were organized by SCAF, leaving one protester dead and many injured.  A second attack erupted Wednesday, March 2, when an unidentified group opened fire and threw Molotov cocktails on the protesters, reportedly leaving nine dead and injuring 49 others according to the Health Ministry.

Although it cannot be confirmed that the event was orchestrated by SCAF, secular figures in Egypt hold SCAF responsible for the incident, citing that SCAF is responsible for the security of Egyptian citizens.

Mohamad El Baradei, former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and a staunch opponent of Mubarak's regime wrote on his twitter account:

Mohamed ElBaradei@ElBaradei

مجزرة فى العباسية: مجلس عسكرى وحكومة عاجزون عن توفير الأمن أومتواطئون . فشلتم. إرحلوا. مصر تنهار على إيديكم.


“A massacre in Abbasiya: The military council and the government are not capable of providing the safety, or probably they are partners in what happened. You are failure, leave Egypt, Egypt is collapsing because of you.”

Ayman Nour, the head of Al Ghad party and a former political prisoner has also criticized the military council for the event:

Ayman Nour@AymanNour
قررت عدم الحضور في الاجتماع مع العسكري اليوم علي خلفية مجازر العباسية وأوقفت كافة الأنشطة الحزبية والانتخابية تضامنا مع شهداء العباسية

“I decided not to meet with SCAF today because of the massacres that happened in Abbasiya, I stopped all of my electoral activities and other political activities to show solidarity with the martyrs of Abbasiya.”

Online activists have published a youtube video that shows a victim after being killed by thugs that believed to be paid by the SCAF.
(Warning:Content may be disturbing to some viewers, viewer discretion is advised)

Egyptian activist Israa Abdullah was at the demonstration and reported details on her Facebook page:

حضرت مجازر كتير في حياتي و دي من اقوى المجازر اللي شفتها

“I have witnessed lot of massacres in my life, but this one of the biggest that I have ever seen.”

اصابات في العين كتييرة !!
“There are lot of eye injuries.”