Egyptian Blogger Arrested: Alber Saber

September 20, 2012

Alber Saber, an Egyptian Christian born in 1985, was arrested on September 16 for his connection to a Facebook page called “Egyptian Atheists”.

According to, one of Alber’s Muslim friends discovered that Alber was an online administrator of the controversial atheist group. The facebook page contained a link to The Innocence of Muslims, an amateur production that recently sparked riots in the Muslim world.

The friend brought the page to the attention of some neighbors, who later gathered and assaulted Alber. A blog called Al Magnon writes that Alber’s all-Muslim neighbors then attempted to burn down his building, which is inhabited predominantly by Christians. Police were soon called to the scene. They arrested Alber, whose sister reported that Alber looked miserable as he was driven away in the back of a police car as his neighbors cheered.  Alber has so far not been granted access to a lawyer.
Cyber-activists have posted a video of his arrest which has led to an outpouring of online support from other bloggers, who quickly created a page on facebook calling for his release.


“Alber Saber was beaten by prisoners, the officer in charge encouraged them to do so. He told them  ”he is cursing your prophet” so they attacked him and injured his neck after stabbing him with a knife.”
“Alber Saber was arrested because he is an atheist, despite that fact that the constitution guarantees the freedom of faith to everyone.”
“Alber Saber is going to be tried before a court because he shared the video that offends muslims, despite the fact that many muslims have done the same, but because he is Christian it did not work the same way.”