Google Praises

July 14, 2010

Speaking at the Human Rights Summit in Geneva, the director of policy at Google, Bob Boorstin, said: “The coolest stuff that I’ve seen out there is when a dissident or a blogger in one part of the world has his or her work picked up in another part of the world.  I would also refer you to great organizations that already exist.  I mentioned Global Voices, I would also mention the OpenNet Initiative, which is part of Harvard’s Berkman Society. I would mention and”

Contributing editor to The New Republic, James Kirchick, cited’s work in a recent essay titled “Web access as a legal right.”  Video is now available for the interview on PBS’s “Ideas in Action” titled “Cyber Dissidents: How the Internet is Changing Dissent.” You can watch the entire episode here.  The Wall Street Journal published an article by co-founder Nir Boms and Shayran Ayra on the topic of women’s rights in Iran.  Boms and Ayra question the decision to include Iran on the United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women.  Read the article here.