Leilani Munter Signs Petition for Saudi Women's Grand Prix

August 9, 2011
Famed race car driver and activist Leilani Munter has joined CyberDissidents.org’s petition for the First Annual Saudi Women’s Grand Prix. Munter is just the fourth woman to compete in the Indy Pro Series and made Sports Illustrated’s Top Women Race Car Drivers list. Below are her thoughts on the plight of women who wish to drive in Saudi Arabia:

“As a female race car driver and as a woman [who] has traveled to Saudi Arabia and seen the oppression of women first hand (and experienced it myself while I was there) I strongly support the Saudi Women's Grand Prix. When I traveled to Saudi Arabia in the 90s, I met a woman who was a brilliant doctor and she had tears in her eyes when she asked me, "If I ever make it to America, will you teach me how to drive a car?" She had to spend much of the money she made as a physician on having a full time driver take her wherever she needed to go. It is outrageous that in America, I can drive 200mph on a racetrack inches from my male competitors, but women are not even allowed to drive on the streets in Saudi Arabia. It is high time for a change. Let's do this, ladies!”

To join Munter and many others who signed our petition, click here.