Young Iranian Singer Arrested for Supporting Opposition Movement

November 18, 2011

Five intelligent agents raided the home of Iranian pop singer Aria Aramnejad and arrested him, one week after he published an open letter in support of the opposition movement.

On Tuesday, November 8, Aramnejad appeared before an appeals court regarding his nine-month prison sentence. Upon returning home, he was detained and taken to an unknown location. Aramnejad was beaten and handcuffed by the police, who confiscated his computer, as well as personal notes and documents.

Aramnejad was arrested in February 2010 after releasing a song in support of the Green Movement and the anti-government protests that took place during Ashura in December 2009. After being kept in solitary confinement for fifty days, he was released on bail.

In his open letter, Aramnejad asks the representatives of the opposition why they remain silent while their leaders are under house arrest.

“They said that they protested on behalf of Mir-Hossein Mousavi’s, and we believed them. But when Mousavi was placed under house arrest, they did not represent him!”

“Something has been missing for months. Not only has Mousavi been missing, but his political index literature has been missing as well. What happened to those polite, wise, and Palladian statements? Why are The Green Movements’ statements all of a sudden used only to deny, convict, and renounce?”

“I cannot understand, then, how we can so easily forget that we had such a person in our lives. Why is everyone silent? Why can no one see that Mousavi and his literature have been missing for months?”