Egyptian Blogger Imprisoned

Thu Dec 13 2012
A Cairo court convicted and sentenced the Egyptian Christian blogger Alber Saber to three years in prison for speaking his mind on social networking sites. He is accused of blasphemy and contempt of religion.  Alber Saber is one of several activists that has fallen prey to a campaign led by Egypt's Islamists to curb free expression. Many of those targeted in the campaign are Christians, who...

Saber Verdict Due On November 28th

Tue Nov 20 2012
Al Marg Misdemeanour Court has postponed the verdict of Alber Saber to November 28th. During Monday's court session, the prosecution called on the judge to give Saber the strictest penalty allowed under Article 98 of the Penal Code which is five years imprisonment. Among his charges, he is accused of “contempt of the Islamic and Christian religions, and insulting the divine being.” Alber’s...

Alber Saber Speaks Out from Prison

Mon Nov 5 2012
When the dignity of a citizen collapses while he lives in his own country, then the whole of humanity collapses. For me, it collapsed twice. The First Time Wednesday, January 15, 2012: A patrol of state security personnel broke the main gate of my building and stormed into my family’s apartment. They threatened my family while they were sleeping in their beds, and began to search the...

Maikel Nabil: Yes, I'm a Blasphemer- Get Over It

By: Maikel Nabil Sand
Fri Oct 19 2012
The following article first appeared on; to access it click here. On October 7, 2012, the office of the Egyptian General Prosecutor decided to start an official investigation accusing me of "blasphemy" -- or, as they call it, "insulting Islam." My crime was expressing my atheist beliefs on my Twitter account. The Egyptian authorities also arrested...

Muslim Brotherhood Dictators

By: Kareem Amer
Wed Oct 10 2012
On October 9, Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi released a statement pardoning all those who were arrested since the beginning of the Egyptian revolution in February 2011.  As a former political prisoner who spent four years in jail under Hosni Mubarak, I had two contradicting feelings.  First, I was thrilled that civilians who spent months in prison following military trials that lacked...